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Affectionately know as Kara, she is the co-founder of CozyMind, a company dedicated to prevent and reduce the rampant burnout, anxiety and depression through creating a world of mindful, awakened leaders.

Katherine is a transformational & Health Yoga Life (HYL) certified coach. She is also a speaker, certified yoga instructor, registered patent agent, and doctor of biomedical engineering. For CozyMind, she speaks at corporate engagements and coaches a variety of breathwork, meditation, and emotional agility practices.

Katherine also provides private coaching sessions designed to enable clients to reach their highest potential in all areas of life. To these coaching sessions utilized she’s integrated science, transformational coaching and wellness background to accelerate self-awareness, transform health, and boost productivity.


Katherine is a Doctor of Biomedical Engineering and obtained her Ph.D. from Brown University in 2017.  She has certifications in Coaching, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, HighSpeed Healing™, both Power Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga Instruction, and 400+ hours of performance and health coaching experience obtained from private clients and volunteer work for ATLAS, a non-profit transformational leadership program based in San Francisco.

If you believe in the miraculous, miracles happen.


Joaquin is an Australian business entrepreneur and coach. He graduated from Business Management in UCEMA university in Argentina and worked for several years in banking and different companies in Australia and Argentina. He did his training in Mindfulness and Emotional Management at La Salle University and the European Institute of Positive Psychology in Barcelona. 

He is passionate about providing everyday tools for calming the mind and improving work and personal relationships. He has taught Yoga and Meditation for several years now in Australia, Argentina and Spain, and has hosted a variety of mindfulness workshops.


Learn to know the mind and its ever changing nature.